Electronic Giving FAQs

FAQs about Electronic Giving at Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship 

1. Why are we using online giving?
We want to give our members a variety of ways to donate to HPMF. Many people no longer use checks and cash and have moved to cards and electronic payments. By providing online giving, we want to make giving to HPMF more convenient. We are also providing a way to give on a regular basis, regardless of travel schedules or inability to attend. 

2. Are we going to stop using the offering plate in the Sunday service? 

No. Online giving is one additional source that people can use for giving. Offering ourselves, our gifts, our time, and resources, and reflecting on sharing is an important part of our service. 

3. Are my donations with credit card, online giving, or electronic transfer of funds still tax deductible? 

 Yes. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year. 

4. Is this online giving a secure system? 

Yes, HPMF takes your information and financial security seriously. We worked with our local US Bank, to set up the site and provide security for every transaction. They partner with 3Dcart for the website and transfer of funds. 

5. What are the associated fees HPMF has to use electronic giving? In fact, why are there fees at all? 

For debit, credit, and gift cards, there is a 3.5% + $0.19 fee per transaction. There is always a credit card fee to users for every transaction. Most businesses include that in their costs. There is usually an additional fee to transfer money from the website provider to the bank. However, since US Bank is our bank, they do not charge an additional ACH (Automated Clearing House) fee. There is a monthly processing fee for US Bank and 3Dcart to host and maintain the website and services. These fees are not charged to you but come from the church’s bank account. If you wish, you may make your donation larger to help offset that cost. 

6. What ways may I donate to HPMF? 

Cash and checks can be placed in the offering plate or mailed to HPMF 1520 N. 12th St Boise ID 83702 

Credit card giving at church – see the church treasurer for use of the credit card reader. May not be available every Sunday. 

Online giving – The church website www.hydeparkmf.com has a “donate” button which provides giving by use of a credit card or debit card or gift card. 

For recurrent donations from your bank account – You may set it up with your bank online or contact your bank. HPMF incurs no charges for this method. 

From your paycheck - Ask your employer to set up an automatic deduction to HPMF. 

Donate from your Donor Advised Fund, DAF, if you have one set up. Notify the fund to transfer to HPMF. You do not receive a tax deduction for this since you received the tax deduction when you established your DAF. 

7. How do I use the website? 

Select the “donate” link. Donations will go to the General Fund (also known as “the budget”) unless you select “Other”. If you select other, you must designate if it is for a specific fund or to pay for something else, such as a rental fee. Select the Our Giving Story link on the HPMF home page which includes comments about our General Fund, how we spend our money, and this FAQ sheet. 

8. Can I monitor giving and how much I have donated so far? 

We aren’t set up for that at the moment, but please indicate your interest in this feature, to the church treasurer, and we will continue to work at it. 

9. Can I set up recurrent giving with my credit card? 
Not at the moment. Indicate your interest in this feature to the church treasurer and we will continue to work at it. 

10. Can I use my phone to donate? 
The site should be friendly and readable and usable for most phones. 

11. We will continue to customize and review the options for giving to HPMF. Please give your feedback!