General Fund Information


Statement about General Fund 
How We Are Using the Resources God Has Given Us 

General Fund 
    Worship Pastoral services, music, administrative support, child care 

Welcoming community and space 
    Pastoral services, building upkeep, elevator maintenance utilities, supplies, local meetings and events 

Spiritual Formation  
    Sunday School, winter retreat, camps, Advent resources, pastoral teaching, Godly Play for children, youth milestones, periodicals 

    Local – Corpus Christi, Friendship meals, Compassion fund, Congregant emergency fund, Green group, Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC), others 
    Global – Puerto Asis sister church, youth service trips, Mennonite Church USA, Pacific Northwest Mennonite regional conference, and support to other congregations; Knotted comforters for refugees, Albino Health and Education Project 

In addition to our General Fund, we have special giving to other missions projects.